Maura McGovern Moore, LCSW

Marriage and individual psychotherapy services

About Maura

I began to read books on psychology and the mind when I was about fifteen years old. After more than twenty years as a practicing psychotherapist, I can honestly say that I feel destined to do this work. It is not just a profession for me, it is a vocation.

I was awarded my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work “With Distinction” from Cornell University, and then went on to study at the Rockefeller School at SUNY Albany where I received my Master’s in Social Work, specializing in clinical social work with children and families. I then worked for ten years in upstate New York for the New York State Office of Mental Health specializing in therapy with severely emotionally disturbed children and their families. My skill in individual and family therapy was enhanced by the superior training and supervision that I received while working for NYS OMH. I then moved to Maryland, where I trained and supervised therapists in this area of specialization, eventually serving as an administrator for a specialized foster care agency. During this time, I also developed a private practice in which I consulted with schools and organizations on matters relating to mental health, as well as providing psychotherapy to adults, children and families.

In addition to my work with families and children, I have continued my studies in depth psychology with a focus on Jungian theory. The unconscious portions of the mind are vastly important in understanding the reasons behind our emotions, thoughts and behaviors, and in most cases must be understood in order to effect lasting change. I use a variety of techniques to assist my clients in increasing their understanding of their unconscious minds and ways to work with these uncharted areas of knowledge. In this way, I can teach my clients methods of self-discovery that can be used over and over again in order to develop and grow in a more conscious manner. The result is that my clients are empowered and I am allowed to witness the this inspiring process. 

I also have extensive experience in helping couples to improve their relationships and families to improve their abilities to communicate and support each other.  My book,The Simple Guide to Lasting Love was recently published by the Human Relationship Institute.

I now practice in northern Virginia with two locations in Alexandria and Woodbridge, VA. I also serve as adjunct faculty in the Department of Social Work at George Mason University.